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Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance can help provide for your family’s needs after your death. It’s a highly flexible plan providing insurance protection and offering your family the means to help cover final expenses, maintain their way of life and supplement college or retirement savings.

Plan Highlights:

  • Provides permanent protection
  • Employees can apply for up to $250,000 Conditional Standard Issue underwriting and up to $500,000 Simplified Underwriting, with no medical exams necessary.
  • Coverage is available for spouse up to $50,000 conditional guaranteed issue and up to $200,000 simplified underwriting.
  • Coverage is available for dependent children with a choice of individual policies or a children’s insurance benefit rider.
  • Waiver of premium is available if you become disabled.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit available.
  • Fully Portable – you can continue coverage if you change jobs or retire
  • Premiums are paid through the convenience of payroll deduction