Trustmark Universal Life Insurance / Life Events with Long-Term Care Benefits

Universal Life Insurance can help provide for your family’s needs after your death. It’s a highly flexible plan providing insurance protection and offering your family the means to help cover final expenses, maintain their way of life and supplement college or retirement savings.

Plan Highlights:

  • Universal Life Insurance with cash value accumulation enabling employees to adjust death benefit, cash value and premiums as insurance needs change.
  • Employees can purchase an affordable guaranteed issue amount of coverage for up to $15.00 weekly, depending on your age with a maximum of up to $300,000 with modified underwriting.
  • Long term care rider built in allowing the employee to utilize 4% of the death benefit per month when receiving assisted living, home healthcare, adult day care or skilled nursing home care. Total benefits paid are not to exceed the death benefit amount which results in the death benefit to be reduced proportionately.
  • For the Life Events option, the plan pays a higher death benefit during working years when expenses are high and then reduces to one third at age 70 when life insurance needs are typically lower. With this plan the long-term care rider benefits would not reduce and would continue throughout retirement.
  • Fully Portable – you can continue coverage if you change jobs or retire
  • Premiums are paid through the convenience of payroll deduction

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Trustmark UL

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Trustmark Life Events with Long-Term Care

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