Aflac Short-Term Disability

Individual short term disability insurance insures your income for a specified benefit amount if you become injured or ill due to a covered disability or covered pregnancy. You can choose monthly benefit amounts appropriate for your specific needs.

Why is disability coverage important?

  • Insuring your income helps pay living expenses such as mortgage/rent, groceries, car payments, etc., if you unable to work due to an illness or injury

Plan Features: 

  • Guaranteed Issue with no medical questions, is available up to a $3,000 monthly benefit
  • $6,000 maximum monthly benefit
  • On-the-job Benefit rider: Half of your monthly benefit is payable if you are hurt while at work. Benefit is in addition to social security and Workers’ Compensation.
  • Two different plan structures: 6-month benefit period with 14-day elimination period or 24-month benefit period with 30-day elimination period.
  • Premiums will not increase due to age.
  • Benefits are paid regardless of any other insurance.
  • Coverage is guaranteed to age 72.
  • Convenience of payroll deducted premiums.
  • Portable - You can keep your coverage if you change jobs or retire.

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