Long-Term Disability

Long term disability insurance can provide financial security to employees and their families in the event they become disabled due to a covered illness or injury and are unable to return to work for 6 months or longer. Employers are not required to pay a salary to disabled employees; however, their bills for mortgage or rent, groceries, utilities, car payments and even day care and tuition don’t stop. Long term disability insurance can help avoid financial hardship after short-term disability benefits end.

Plan Features: 

  • Monthly benefit of 60% of regular base earnings to $5,000 maximum
  • Benefits are payable to age 65 if disabled, after a 6-month waiting period
  • Guaranteed Issue – during initial enrollment period
  • Convenience of payroll deducted premium
  • Tax free benefit upon receipt
  • Premiums are waived when on leave of absence.

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