Legal Services & Identity Theft Shield

Legal Services

A pre-paid legal plan provides employees and their family members with access to legal counsel at affordable rates.  Many legal services commonly encountered are already covered through the low monthly membership fee. You will also receive a 25% discount off Provider Law Firms standard rate should you need legal services not otherwise covered by this plan.  It takes the worry and hassle out of finding a quality law firm when you need one.

Services include:

  • Toll-free phone consultations
  • Preventative phone calls or letters from your law firm
  • Free Standard Will for each family member
  • Living Will Preparation
  • Consumer protection and warranty assistance
  • Identity Theft Protection Rider offered  

Plan Highlights:

  • Complete membership packet with membership cards
  • Dependent coverage
  • Payroll Deducted Premiums
  • Portable Coverage – if you change jobs or retire you can keep your coverage 

Identity Theft Shield

Identity Theft Shield provides services you need to restore your name and credit for you.


  • Reduce out of pocket expense and time spent away from work with valuable services from detection to resolution.
  • Fraud Alert notifications.
  • Credit Report and Credit Score Analysis.
  • Continuous monitoring.
  • Identity Restoration.
  • Convenience of payroll deduction.

*These plans can be purchased separate or together.

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