EXEC/Physician Supplement Disability Insurance

Individual Supplemental Long Term Disability

Group Long Term Disability insurance can present some disadvantages to the most highly compensated employees. Most group LTD plans limit benefits to 60% of income and have a maximum monthly benefit that is generally taxable. This can result in a hardship to the most highly compensated employees who are actually insured for a lower percentage of income replacement than other employees of the organization. Voluntary Supplemental Long Term Disability Insurance can provide the solution to this problem by providing eligible employees an opportunity to purchase individual long term disability policies to provide additional monthly benefits to increase the percentage of income replacement on a non taxable basis. Benefits are paid in addition to the group LTD benefit providing the highly compensated employees with a higher percentage of income replacement in combination with their group LTD benefit allowing them to protect their life style. 

Plan Features: 

  • Guaranteed Standard Issue to all eligible employees
  • Plan design -75% income replacement includes group LTD
  • Own Occupation to Age 65
  • No pre-Existing Condition Limitation
  • Full Mental and nervous disorder coverage
  • Portable Coverage at same fixed rate
  • Issue Age to 70
  • Waiver of premium while disabled.
  • Premiums are paid through the convenience of payroll deduction.