Employee Benefits Programs

Benefits Planning Corporation offers a complete employee benefit program to employers to offer a portfolio of the best products from different insurance carriers. We can tailor our products and price structures to be beneficial to your industry and company. Our employee benefit program includes both Core and/or Voluntary Benefits along with dedicated enrollment teams, account managers, benefits representatives, and service representatives.

Core and Voluntary Benefit Enrollments

Designing, enrolling, and administering a successful benefit program can be a daunting task for any organization, regardless of the size or demographics of the group. Our enrollment services have been designed to eliminate the challenges associated with core and voluntary benefit enrollments that normally fall to Human Resources. We will reduce the stress and workload for you and your staff during the initial implementation process, at the time of your open enrollment period and on an on-going basis throughout the years. When choosing us to facilitate your enrollment for employee benefits, you will get a dedicated enrollment team.

Dedicated Enrollment Team

You will meet and begin working with your dedicated enrollment team long before your open enrollment occurs. They will be working with you and your staff during the most initial stages of the enrollment implementation to lend their experience and expertise every step of the way to ensure a successful enrollment.

Your dedicated enrollment team includes:

  • Implementation Manager
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Benefit Representatives
  • Service Representatives

Dedicated Account Manager

Your Dedicated Account Manager will be working with your staff scheduling on-site enrollment meetings and providing assistance communicating information to your employees to educate them about the benefits being offered, as well the enrollment process. They will meet or speak with each department head to determine how we can most effectively meet the unique enrollment needs of each department without disrupting daily workflow. Your Account Manager will also be working with your payroll department to ease the burden of setting up new or revising existing payroll deduction lines. They will be responsible for coordinating every aspect of the enrollment with your staff and the insurance carriers. If you ever have a question or concern you will know exactly who to call.

Dedicated Benefit Representatives

Our professional, licensed Benefit Representatives will be meeting with your employees on-site or remotely to enroll them in the core and /or voluntary benefits. The goal of the entire enrollment team, including the benefit representatives, is to ensure that every eligible employee has had an opportunity to make an educated decision regarding the options available to them during the open enrollment.

Dedicated Service Representatives

Your dedicated Service Representatives will be responsible for working with your employees after the open enrollment period to answer questions, resolve problems or concerns and process changes. They will coordinate the payroll deductions with your payroll staff and the insurance carriers, eliminating the need for your staff to reconcile premium payments. If changes occur to an employee’s deduction, they will contact your payroll department to advise them of the revised deduction amount. If an employee terminates coverage or changes jobs and elects to take their coverage with them, they will contact Benefits Planning Corporation.

Voluntary Benefit Choices

Providing employees with the opportunity to personalize their benefits to satisfy their unique needs is critical to a successful benefit program. Benefits Planning Corporation offers a diverse selection of voluntary benefits in order to meet the needs of your organization, as well as your employees.

Most of these voluntary benefits can be funded through the convenience of payroll deduction and many offer portability. This means if an employee changes jobs or retires they can keep their coverage.

Voluntary benefits we offer include, but are not limited to:

    • Accident Insurance
    • Cancer Insurance
    • Critical Illness
    • Dental Insurance
    • Fraud/Identity Theft Protection
    • Hospital Indemnity
    • Legal Services
    • Long-Term Care Insurance
    • Long-Term Disability Insurance
    • Pet Insurance
    • Short-Term Disability Insurance
    • Universal Life Insurance

If you are an employer and would like to learn more about offering Voluntary Benefits to your employees, click the button below to contact us.