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Cancer Insurance

Cancer Insurance provides added financial protection to help cover cancer related expenses.  This coverage also pays a wellness benefit of $75 onetime per year for each insured when they provide proof of a routine cancer screening test such as:  mammography; pap smear, colonoscopy or chest  X-ray.  Insureds that are diagnosed with internal cancer will be eligible for:

  • $5,000 “first occurrence” benefit paid the first time insured is diagnosed with internal cancer, after a 30 day waiting period
  • Daily hospital benefit up to $300 for days 1-30 and $600 for days 31+
  • Surgical benefit $150 per day for cancer-related operations
  • Radiation/chemotherapy benefits $275 (in-patient) and $150 (out-patient)
  • Convenience of payroll deducted premiums
  • Portability if you retire or change jobs you can keep your coverage

Coverage is available for spouse and dependent children.