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We specialize in Voluntary benefit programs, group benefits, and enrollment services. We believe there are very few businesses out there that share the same business model as we do. We not only offer a collection of the best products in today’s marketplace from different insurance carriers, but also have an experienced enrollment team to provide continuous enrollments to employees. We also pride ourselves on providing continuous customer service from the date of enrollment to the termination of the policy, which we believe is unique in our industry. Eliminating frequent calls to HR and employees having long wait times due to having to deal with the insurance carriers directly.

Benefits Planning Corporation is dedicated to helping employers offer the perfect benefit plan. One that meets the needs of each of their employees, regardless of the demographics; is cost effective for the organization and employees, and that reduces, rather than creates, additional administrative duties for their staff.

Our Services

Employee Benefits Programs

Employee Benefits Programs

A complete customizable program for Employers to offer employees the best Benefit programs.

Enrollment Services

Enrollment Services

Our enrollment team ready to assist any Employer or Broker with their
enrollment needs.

Our Experience

While we may lack in size compared to other “Big Corporations” we make up for with our exceptional service and experience. BPC was founded in 1980 to be the sponsored enrollment firm for Aetna throughout the country. And has evolved to what we are today…

We administer the voluntary benefit programs for the union population of the largest employer in NY, Northwell Health, which has 70,000+ employees and still growing. We administer over 24,000 policies accounting for 12,000+ clients. We have been Northwell’s Voluntary benefit administrator since we were established in 1980.

Our History