Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance helps pay the costs associated with an accident that are not covered by health insurance such as office visit co-payments, deductibles and transportation and lodging. Coverage is portable if you retire or change jobs. Spouse and child coverage is also offered.

 Plan Highlights:

  •  A health screening benefit payable for routine medical exams to encourage early detection and prevention
  • Daily hospitalization benefits payable for hospital stays
  • Benefits payable for emergency treatment, X-rays, and major diagnostic exams
  • Benefits payable for follow-up treatments and physical therapy
  • Transportation and lodging benefits payable for travel to receive treatment
  • Benefits payable for fractures, surgery, and concussions

*All highlights may depend on the plan selected. See brochures for more details

 We currently offer 2 different Accident plans. Click the links below for the brochures for each policy.

Aflac Accident

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Life Insurance Company of Boston & New York

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